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Villa Rose

Restaurant and lounge bar Villa Rose - Where important moments turn into beautiful memories

A timeless beauty

Villa Rose, a timeless beauty that will soon turn one hundred years old, located on a sea rock surrounded by green pines and blue shades of the magical Adriatic. A symbol of true love, Villa Rose was a gift from a Dubrovnik merchant to his beloved wife. The elegance of European architecture and the charm of discreet beauty envelops every guest like the scent of ubiquitous roses.

With serenading crickets, the silence of the setting sun and the sound of sea waves below, it is a unique experience to create memories in Villa Rose, the ideal stage for intimate, original and creative wedding, anniversaries and birthday celebrations.


Impeccable service and a unique atmosphere

Impeccable service and a unique atmosphere will accompany you on our gastronomic journey through exciting new Croatian cuisine accentuated by traditional elements.

A selection of top Croatian and international drinks, culinary experts with international experience, fresh and local ingredients are just waiting to be discovered.