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Sustainability – Travelife











Preserving environment is one of most extensive problems of modern world. Although it takes global efforts to reduce negative effects of human activities on environment, healthier and sustainable environment starts with actions of each company and individual working in their local communities, caring about the future of generations to come. Hoteli Koločep d.d. commit to conduct business considering environmental goals and to constantly take steps towards more sustainable future.


The Environmental Policy statements apply to business and operations conducted by Hoteli Koločep d.d. in its managed property Hotel TUI BLUE Kalamota Island Resort. All employees, suppliers and other partners are expected to share our vision and to be compliant with all European and local environmental laws and regulations.


Our planet strives for better balance between economic systems and environment. To support sustainable development, we work to engage not only our employees, but guests and local community as well, in environmentally responsible behaviour and help achieving our goals:

Prevent and minimize risk

Always consider environmental risks during all business operations. Promptly update environmental risk assessment and measure progress towards environmental goals to make sure risk is prevented or contained to minimal levels. 

Responsible use of energy

Make sure that consumption is being monitored and energy is used efficiently in all our properties. Take steps to increase use of clean and renewable sources of energy, equip properties with energy efficient appliances and implement energy saving systems when feasible.  

Smart water management

Raise awareness about water stewardship to encourage implementation of smart solutions that reduce water consumption. Develop projects that will allow increase of water usage efficiency through rain harvesting systems, on site purification and safe drainage system.

Sustainable waste management

Ensure proper handling, sorting and dispose of all types of waste. Reduce waste production by responsible maintenance and reuse of repurpose items. 

Green purchasing

Always consider use of recyclable and energy saving products. Verify that all suppliers are counducting their business in an environmentally friendy manner and make them aware about our environmental goals.

Proetection of animal welfare and biodiversity

Ensure that company is not involved in procurement of endangered or protected species. Always respect and support biodiversity in areas surrounding our properties by careful and constant maintenance of landscape. Promote responsible behaviour of guest and employees towards natural habitat.

Empowered community

Engage in sustainability promoting activities of local communities and include community in company efforts. Support environmental projects by founding, volunteer work and active promotion of shared values. 


Company is strongly dedicated to actively and continuously pursue its environmental policy to ensure progress in all areas of commitment. Yearly Sustainability Report will provide information about company’s successfulness of achieving set targets and planned actions toward increasing performance in environmentally related issues. Sustainability Report will be shared with employees, suppliers, partners, local community members and always available for all other members of public on company’s web site.





Understanding what basic human rights are and how they relate to business company conducts is a first step towards ensuring inclusive and progressive environment, not only for hotel guests, but for employees and other partners too. Hoteli Koločep d.d. is committed to promotion, protection, and integration of human rights as essential part of everyday operations. 


The Human Rights Protection Policy applies to business and operations conducted by Hoteli Koločep d.d. in its managed property Hotel TUI BLUE Kalamota Island Resort. All employees, suppliers and other partners are expected to share our vision and to be compliant with all European and local laws and regulations.


Hoteli Koločep d.d. is actively promoting and protecting human rights in community by taking steps to accomplishing the following objectives: Diverse and inclusive workplace; Providing healthy and safe work environment; Ensuring good working conditions and employee benefits; Prohibition of forced and child labour; Respecting freedom of association and collective bargaining; Protection of privacy and personal data; Prevention of violence and harassment; Protection of worker’s dignity; Supporting community efforts related to human right protection; Adequate reaction to violation of human rights.


Company ensures equal treatment for all employees which implies equal job and training opportunities, wage, work and life conditions. Therefore, no employee is to be disadvantaged based on race, gender, age, religious beliefs, nationality, sexual orientation, marital or family status, disability, or any physical characteristic.


Hoteli Koločep d.d. is obliged to apply all relevant regulations in the field of occupational safety and to constantly work on its improvement.

The company is obliged to ensure the health and safety of workers in all forms related to the work, and in particular: to acquire and maintain the plant, equipment, tools, workplace and access to the workplace, organize work in a way that ensures the protection of the life and health of the worker, with special laws and regulations and according to the nature of the work being performed, and apply health and safety measures at work, to prevent any hazards at work, to inform workers on occupational hazards and to enable them to work safely, and to implement other prescribed occupational safety measures.

The employer is obliged to send worker to the appropriate examination or training if his workplace requires it by law, regulation or any other act. The Management Board of the Company shall regulate, by special rules, the design and implementation of protection, risk assessment, rights, obligations and liability and all other matters in accordance with the law. The employer is obliged to provide workers with the insurance in case of an injury or any accident related to their work.


Company will not tolerate any improper, disrespectful or violent behaviour towards guests, employees, partners or local community members.

Harassment may occur as any type of behaviour that can result in: Offending, humiliating or intimidating another individual; Bulling or sexual disturbance; Physical violence; Creating hostile work atmosphere; Authority abuse ect.

A worker who considers him/her harassed or sexually disturbed has the right to file a complaint regarding the dignity of a worker. When a complaint regarding the protection of the dignity of a worker is received, it shall be examined within eight days from the day of receipt of the complaint and all necessary measures must be taken. In the process of examining and solving the complaints, the complainant shall be examined by the complainant, the person to whom the complaint relates, and, if necessary, for a complete and truthful determination of the facts, and other persons who may have knowledge of the subject of the complaint, and also produce other evidence. A worker may be examined in the presence of his/her alternate (attorney, trade union trustee, etc.)

If the company does not take measures to prevent harassment, or if the measures taken by it are obviously inappropriate, a worker who is harassed or sexually disturbed has the right to terminate work while not being protected, provided that he or she has requested protection within a further period of 8 days at the competent court.

All data and documents collected in the dignity protection procedure are secret and confidential. The Ordinance that solved a specific complaint, as well as all other persons involved in the complaint handling process that must be timely warned.


Employees are obliged to submit to the employer, for the purpose of exercising their rights and obligations from employment, all personal data established by the regulations on records in the field of labour, as well as data: for the calculation of income tax, surtax, personal deduction, education and certain specialist knowledge, condition and disability, contractual prohibition of contention with the previous employer, data relating to motherhood protection, etc.

The employer collects and processes data on the workers required for the proper keeping of records in the field of labour: 1. Name and surname of the worker; 2. Personal identification number; 3. Day, month and year of birth; 4. Birth place; 5. The address of the place of residence or place of residence of the worker, telephone number; 6. Place of work; 7. Profession; 8. Education; 9. Qualification for performing certain tasks; 10. Position (workplace) on which a worker works; 11. Working hours of the worker in hours; 12. Working experience with this employer; 13. Whether the contract was concluded for a specified or indefinite period; 14. Whether the worker is a disabled worker; 15. Employment with another employer; 16. The date of employment; 17. The date of termination of employment; 18. Reason for termination of employment.

Workers are obliged to submit the information specified in paragraph 1. of this Article immediately upon the occurrence of changes. The employer will, by special decision, appoint a person authorized to collect, use and submit data on workers to third parties in accordance with the statutory regulations.

Employees have right not to share any private information about themselves among other employees. Hoteli Živogošće d.d. obliges to keep and use this information only for mentioned, professional purposes. Information will not be used in any commercial activity or disclosed to other employees or third party.


Any type of forced or compulsory or child labour is strictly prohibited. Company cannot insist on work or service by a person who is not providing them willingly or persuade them on work by any type of threat or penalty. All labour must be contracted in accordance with national, European laws and valid collective agreements. Terms and conditions of employment must be transparently disclosed and signed by the employee before he/she starts to work.


Company obliges to ensure fair and competitive work terms and conditions in accordance to national laws and industry labour market trends. All employees are guaranteed full compliance with national and European laws in terms of wages, work hours, overtime, rest periods, vacation days and other excused absence form workplace. Company obliges to make sure working environment is adequate to the type business that is being conducted, safe and pleasant for all employees.


Employer cherishes open and progressive communication with employees. Therefore, company will create no obstacle for employees to freely join organizations, committees and trade unions that can offer representation and support in achieving their rights. Members of such organizations will not be discriminated and their work will not be obstructed in any way. Company will willingly discuss all relevant matters and take part in processes that will ensure better working condition and raise satisfaction of employees. Company is obliged to conduct business in full accordance with collective agreements terms and conditions.


Hoteli Koločep d.d. strongly supports initiatives in protection of human rights and promotion of inclusive community. Company supports and takes part in institutional and civil efforts to ensure no human rights are being violated.


Company celebrates diversity as fundamental value; therefore all employees and partners are expected to act in a respectful and inclusive manner not only at the workplace, but outside of the workplace as well. Company appoints staff representative with adequate skills and knowledge that is responsible for human right protection, recognizing risks, reporting and taking action in case of any violation of guaranteed rights.


Dedication to human rights protection policy in all areas of commitment is one of essential values of the company. Yearly Sustainability Report will provide information about company’s successfulness of achieving set targets and planned actions toward increasing performance in human rights related issues. Sustainability Report will be shared with employees, suppliers, partners, local community members and always available for all other members of public on company’s web site.





Hoteli Koločep d.d. helps and supports programs and initiatives that can contribute to strengthening local communities and provide new opportunities for all its members. Company acts as a partner to promote local values and support development strategy.


Policy of supporting local community is an integral part of the company's general business policy, which aims to support to the local economy in various ways, from providing incentives for opening new business entities, helping to provide support and training for new workforce and form other valuable business partnership. All policy statements apply to business and operations conducted by Hoteli Koločep d.d. in its managed property Hotel TUI BLUE Kalamota Island Resort. 


Entrepreneurs represent the axis of local economic development and they have opportunity to bring many positive effects to life of community. Therefore, entrepreneurs are valuable partners in the preparation and implementation of a local development strategy and their partnership with local community is very important for its progress.

Hoteli Koločep d.d. is committed to care for the welfare and needs of the citizens, environment and local culture. Company representatives participate in activities with local authorities and civil organizations to recognize people’s needs and bring positive change to community.


The growth of business activities have potentially very positive effects on the standard of living of the population, mainly through rising employment and personal incomes.

The company tends to support local community in following ways: employment of local population; promotion and purchasing of local products; engaging local entrepreneurs in renovation, furnishing and maintenance of our properties; supporting local associations and institutions (sport clubs, schools, museums); supporting organizations of events which promote local culture and community itself; promoting advanced trends and achievements in environment protection, energy saving, waste disposal, human rights protection by being pioneer; initiating and taking part in various local activities e.g. cleaning of the beaches and sea, planting public areas, arranging kids playgrounds...; hotel managements is encouraged to propose and carry out any other activity specific for the local community where hotel operates.


Company stimulates local businesses and the local economy as its belief is that local produce of high quality are the best way to serve our guests in order to represent a true sense of our destination and what it has to offer. Local vendors are preferred as forming of local partnership strengthens local economy and supports its development. Purchasing local products helps reduce costs of transportation and its negative environmental impacts, provides faster and easier support and ensure all food products are fresh and highly quality when delivered.

All local products and services must meet not only the price, but the quality, health and safety standards as well. Beside those criteria, all purchased products must fulfil at least one of the following criteria: Made from recycled products or are recyclable; Fair Trade / Organic; Delivered in sustainable packaging; Energy efficient.


Hoteli Koločep d.d. on yearly basis plan activities that will create rewarding experience and bring progress to local community. There are set targets that determine desirable procurement value, variety of local produce in hotel properties, donations to local institutions and organizations. In annual sustainability report, company reports about activities performed in collaboration with local community members, companies and institutions.





Creating rewarding and memorable experience for each and every hotel guest is one of the core company values. Focused od continuous improvement, company is oriented on enhancing guest experience and maintenance of high quality of all facilities, products and services. To achieve highest standards of quality and meet the guests’ expectations, Hoteli Koločep d.d. commit to implement all TUI BLUE brand standards in accordance with general health, safety, hygienic and quality control standards.


Policy sets measures and targets to keep track of quality level and guest satisfaction in hotel properties. The implementation of quality policy covers the whole organization, all its activities and all employees. The ultimate purpose of the quality policy is the continuous growth of the reputation of the company and its competitive ability in the market. All policy statements apply to business and operations conducted by Hoteli Koločep d.d. in its managed propertie Hotel TUI Blue Kalamota Island.


Hoteli Koločep d.d. obliges to comply with the following principles: Products and services of the company must be at such a level, so the quality of the overall offer is the most important reason for getting a satisfied guest; Activities in the provision of services should not give the guest expectations that are not prerequisites when offering a complete range of services that these services cannot satisfy; All quality service requirements must be met and aligned with the legal regulations in the field of quality assurance.

During everyday hotel operations, the achievement of the following quality goals should be ensured: Constantly improving the quality of the overall offer and service; Adaptation to customer requirements and feedback; Continuous improvement of the quality management system; Reducing all forms of losses, from energy consumption to material consumption; Improvement of working conditions; Protection employee’s health and safety; Achieve highest hygienic standards.


Hoteli Koločep d.d. evaluates and assures the following ways: Constantly monitor, report and react to guest feedback collected from TUI BLUE customer survey, social network, booking channels and employees; Fully implement and constantly monitor compliance with all TUI brand standards; Successfully accomplish Cristal audit criteria on monthly basis; Getting and constantly monitor compliance with Travelife certification standards; Ensuring full compliance with HACCP standards; Providing proper education and training for every employee; Regularly do internal unbiased quality assessment to evaluate property condition, cleanliness, food and beverage quality, service quality and efficiency, hospitality and friendliness of employees.





Hoteli Koločep d.d. is obliged to develop and implement efficient systems, standards and practices to protect health and safety of all employees based on priorly conducted risk assessment.


Main aim of this policy is ensuring healthy and safe work environment by minimizing risks for employees, guests, visitors, partners and all other parties that may be impacted by company's activities, keeping in mind the quality level and employees needs at the same time. All policy statements apply to business and operations conducted by Hoteli Koločep d.d. in its managed properties Hotel TUI BLUE Kalamota Island Resort. 


Hoteli Koločep d.d. is obliged to ensure healthy and safe workplace which implies respecting the following principles:

All health and safety risks must be strictly controlled to any prevent health and safety risks that may result in injury or occupational disease.

Company must ensure full compliance with all relevant national and international laws and regulations

Implement efficient health and safety management program on which all following business activities will be based on: Determination, evaluation and risk control of all factors that are common in work environment and may cause occupational injuries and diseases; Guarantee that all employees are familiar with Health and Safety Policy and obliged to follow its statements; Efficient Health & Safety educational programmes that will be used to properly train employees, develop their skills and reduce risks; Thorough investigation of all occupational injuries and diseases in order to determine common causes and prevent their recurrence.


The community is part of every successful business story and in the daily operations of Hoteli Koločep d.d. the values and interests of the community occupy an important place. In their work, they pay special attention to the quality of life, not only of their guests and employees, but of all members of the community. Special care is given to children as one of the most sensitive groups in society. 


The aim of this policy is to establish shared values, principles and beliefs, as well as practical rules of conduct and steps to be taken when fulfilling our obligations regarding the protection of children. 


It is necessary to protect the well-being of children every day to provide the youngest members of society with a safe environment for development in which they will fulfil their potential.

Hoteli Koločep d.d. undertake to respect and protect the following values: 

  • Protection of the child and his rights is the responsibility of every adult - inside and outside the work environment. 
  • Any abuse of interests, abuse or violence against a child is strictly prohibited, i.e. the absence of a reaction to the knowledge that similar activities are taking place in the community 
  • Children's health, safety and well-being, as well as their best interests, are put first.
  • Every child needs to be valued, respected and understood within their own culture, religion and ethnicity, and their needs identified and met whenever possible. 
  • It is important to listen to children's opinions, encourage them and help them participate in making decisions that concern them. 
  • All company partners are obliged to meet child protection standards through their own policies and contribution to the community.

In order to achieve this, staff and associates in contact with children should continuously:

  • Do everything they do in their best interest. 
  • At every opportunity, treat children with respect and recognize them as individuals with their own rights. 
  • To work with them in a spirit of cooperation and partnership based on mutual trust and respect. 
  • Appreciate their views and take them seriously
  • Work with them in a way that strengthens their capacities and abilities and develop their potential. 
  • Work in partnership with parents/guardians and/or other professionals to ensure child protection.


It is important that all staff and associates are aware of situations that may represent a risk and ways to minimize them in their daily work and coexistence with the community.

In doing so, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules of conduct when working and in contact with children:

  • When working with children, as much as possible, do not be alone with them 
  • Discuss any problem or concern openly without holding back 
  • Make sure that any bad practice towards children does not go unreacted 
  • Empower children, talk to them about their rights, what is acceptable and what is not, and what they can do if there is a problem.

Staff and associates working with children must never:

  • Hit or otherwise physically injure or physically abuse children. 
  • Develop unnecessary physical contact with children. 
  • Develop sexual contact with children. 
  • Develop such a relationship with children, which could be considered exploitative or abusive in any way. 
  • Act in a way that may constitute abuse or put a child at risk of being abused

Staff and associates who work with children must avoid actions and forms of behaviour, which can be: 

  • Use language, make suggestions or offer advice that is inappropriate, offensive or degrading in any way. 
  • Behaving physically in an inappropriate or sexually provocative manner. 
  • Bring the child/children they work with to spend the night in their house unsupervised. 
  • Sleep in the same room or bed as the child they work with, unless it is in the best interest of the child. 
  • Acting too personally and helping the child in things he can do on his own. 
  • To condone or participate in illegal, dangerous or violent behaviour of children. 
  • Behaving in a way that embarrasses, humiliates, belittles or degrades children, or otherwise apply any form of emotional abuse. 
  • Discriminate, treat differently or favour certain children to the exclusion of others.


In order to ensure the active and practical implementation of the measures specified in this policy, Hoteli Koločep d.d. regularly perform the following activities: 

  • Introduce Child Protection Policy and Children's Rights to all employees through an annual workshop and training conducted by the Human Resources Office. Training needs to include instructions how to file a report in occasion of suspicious behaviour towards children.
  • When concluding employment and partnership contracts, make sure employees and associates aware of the importance and obligation to comply with all the provisions of this policy. The employment procedure includes checking suitability for working with children and young people. 
  • Encouraging the work of local institutions, associations and activities that promote the well-being of children. 
  • Appoint hotel commissioner for child protection 


All the staff of Hoteli Koločep d.d. need to be familiar with the implementation of the procedure for reporting suspicious behaviour towards a child. 

 All situation in which there is suspicion of inappropriate behaviour towards child, threat to health, well-being or life of a child in general, must be reported properly. 

 All employees must take following steps:

  • Contact your superior in a timely manner about the observed situation of suspicious behaviour. Describe situation in detail, time and place. Provide details about people involved in the situation. 
  • If the superior is not around, inform the manager on duty, hotel General manager or the security guard who is currently in the premises of Hotel Koločep d.d. about it. 
  • Superiors will immediately forward report suspicious behaviour to hotel commissioner for child protection.

Appointed hotel child protection commissioner is Human Resources manager. 

 Information – Hotel commissioner for child protection: 

Name: Brigita Vorih 

Position: Human Resources manager, Hoteli Koločep d.d. 

Telephone : +385 99 548 8068


In case of emergency – do not wait! If the child has been obviously abused or there is a serious threat to well-being it is necessary to report situation to police officers by calling 192 or 112.


Child protection commissioner is obliged to react on every reported situation within 24 hours and file the report to relevant public institution.  

Commissioner should always follow the procedure below when reporting situations: 

  1. All concerns and suspicions must be reported to web page of Croatian Ministry of the Interior - „RED BUTTON“ page - Ministarstvo unutarnjih poslova Republike Hrvatske - Online prijava (
  2. Follow the web page instructions, pick the option „Abuse report“ or „Internet content report“ depending on the situation. 
  3. Fill in mandatory fields, write down as many details as possible. Name place, time and people involved in situation. 
  4. When reporting Internet content, provide web page address and link if possible. 
  5. Fill in your personal contact information (name, address, telephone number and e-mail) 
  6. If web site is not working or there are issues with Internet connection, report situation by phone call or go to police station in Dubrovnik. 
  7. Send written report about actions to General Manager and company bord member. 


In occasion of child abuse suspicion, all employees can ask for assistance of hotel child protection commissioner regardless of the fact that situation may not happen nearby workplace. Company acts to raise awareness of all employees outside workplace as well and encourages them to observe and actively protect children rights every day. 

Every Croatian citizen and visitor can report suspicions in order to protect a child to following institutions:

1. Police station Dubrovnik-Neretva county: 

  • Via RED BUTTON web site 
  • By phonecall to number +385 20 443 333 
  • Via e-mail
  • Personally, in Police station Dubrovnik – address: Dr. Ante Starčevića 13, Dubrovnik 
  • Emergency situation should be reported immediately by phonecall to 112 or 192

2. „Hrabri telefon“ – 0800 0800 – 24 satna phone line for anonymous reports

3. Public Attorney's Office Dubrovnik 

  • Work hours: Monday – Friday from 9AM to 2PM
  • Address: Dr. Ante Starčevića 23, Dubrovnik 
  • Telephone: +385 20 448 15

Here you can find our Sustainability report.